Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Why cultivating emotional intelligence among toddlers has become more urgent

In earlier years, responses to pupil feelings and conflicts would fluctuate by trainer, usually primarily based on training or experiences, mentioned Lauren Cook,...

Teacher and Student Views of Reading Progress and Reading Coach in Microsoft Teams

Last yr Microsoft added actionable insights to Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams. This yr there's much more info and there are extra actions...

Criminal behavior rises among those left behind by school lotteries

“There are many important studies that have documented important, positive effects of school choice,” stated Stephen Ross, an economist on the University of...

Free Technology for Teachers: The Birds Are Returning

When I took my canine out this morning I heard some birds chirping that I hadn't heard in a couple of months. That's...

How to Add Q&A to Your Google Slides Presentations

There are loads of methods to gather questions and feedback from college students in a digital format. But one of many methods that's...

Can babies learn from “Ms. Rachel” and other baby TV shows?

Most notably, there was a well-liked DVD sequence within the 1990’s and early 2000’s known as Baby Einstein, which claimed to be academic...

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