An Expert’s Review on GLP-1 Probiotics, Supplements, & Powders

Ozempic has change into the “it” subject within the health group, with hundreds of individuals swearing by the weight loss drug. And over the previous few months, a bunch of Ozempic options—whether or not it’s one other GLP-1 like Wegovy or a fad weight loss plan like Oatzempic—have been popping up. 

One of the newest copycat remedies throughout TikTok is named “Nature’s Ozempic,” which incorporates dietary supplements and different pure substances that declare to be as efficient as the favored drug. But regardless of all of the claims, are they healthy—and even secure? We asked heart specialist and MyFitnessPal Scientific Advisor Danielle Belardo, MD, for her take on the development.

What is “Nature’s Ozempic”?

Berberine is the first complement being touted as “Nature’s Ozempic” or a pure various for Ozempic. It’s a plant compound generally utilized in conventional Chinese drugs. Some studies have prompt it may decrease blood sugar and levels of cholesterol and enhance insulin resistance.

Do pure options to Ozempic work?

Despite what you may see on social media, Dr. Belardo says there’s little proof of berberine’s effectiveness at weight loss. Unlike semaglutide—like Ozempic and related GLP-1 medicine—which has been well-studied and completely examined in a number of large-scale controlled trials, berberine has not undergone any rigorous testing. And of the small-scale studies that have been carried out, no significant outcomes have been confirmed.

“There is absolutely no robust data demonstrating that berberine has a clinically significant impact on weight loss or glucose control that can even compare to the FDA-approved GLP-1 medications,” Dr. Belardo explains. 

She provides that evaluating berberine to Ozempic isn’t solely scientifically inaccurate however probably harmful, as individuals might hunt down questionable remedies. 

Additionally, berberine (and any complement, for that matter) isn’t topic to the identical strict FDA rules as prescription remedy. “This lack of regulation affects the standardization and quality control of supplements, leading to variability in the purity and concentration of active ingredients in different products,” Dr. Belardo warns.

How to decide on (and use) a pure weight loss various

Dr. Belardo strongly advises in opposition to utilizing dietary supplements as a weight loss technique. “No supplement, including those marketed for weight loss, has been proven to be as effective or safe as the methods endorsed by health professionals based on rigorous scientific evidence,” she cautions.

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Instead, she recommends consulting with a trusted healthcare supplier, like your major care doctor or a registered dietitian. They can analyze your particular person health profile and medical historical past to provide you with an evidence-based strategy personalized to your particular health wants. 

“They can help devise a sustainable weight management plan that combines a balanced diet with regular physical activity,” she explains, noting that this can be a safer and certain more practical route. 

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