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Sniglets | Jim Daly

Back within the 80s, comic Rich Hall did a routine referred to as Sniglets. A Sniglet was any phrase that must be within the dictionary however isn’t. Like the phrase “snackmosphere.” That’s what he referred to as the large pocket of air inside a potato chip bag whenever you first open it. Or “Pepsiluvium.” That’s the soda that bubbles by the plastic lid whenever you push your straw by.

Sniglets illustrate the constraints of language. English at present makes use of greater than 170,000 phrases. More are added yearly. Yet, in some way, even these are sometimes not sufficient to seize the deepest components of the human expertise.

Certain realities are exhausting to explain. Like, how can we put into phrases the love of a member of the family? Or the hope we discover in prayer? Or the profound loss of a beloved one? Life is stuffed with mysteries which are as actual as something we will see or contact – regardless that these issues can’t be seen or touched. Our means to elucidate them falls brief.

That’s why we love nice films and music – they impart the human expertise in ways in which transcend phrases. Faith does the identical factor. It fills within the gaps between the issues we will know for certain and the issues we will solely conjecture about.

If you’re fighting life’s massive questions, right here’s one other Sniglet: Godfidence. dose of Godfidence is what it’s essential to navigate the uncertainties of life with confidence.

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