Mayo Clinic Minute: Dermatologist explains light therapy for skin

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Dermatologists advise their sufferers to keep away from dangerous ultraviolet light, which might trigger skin harm, photoaging and skin most cancers. But in addition they could prescribe light therapy to deal with sure skin circumstances. Light therapy is a therapy that makes use of totally different wavelengths of light to deal with varied skin circumstances.

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Dr. Dawn Davis, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist, explains the several types of light therapy, what they deal with, and if over-the-counter light therapy units are protected and efficient.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

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“Every color of the rainbow has a different wavelength of light,” says Dr. Davis. “And we have found, through research and dermatology, that certain visible light colors, when they are concentrated and intensified, can have some benefit to the skin.”

Dr. Davis says blue light therapy completed in a medical setting works to assist deal with pimples by inflicting an oxidative response on the skin.

“Red light can have some similar anti-oxidative or oxidative properties on the skin, which can be used sometimes to treat acne and also photoaging,” says Dr. Davis.

But what about light therapy outdoors of a dermatologist workplace, resembling pink light masks and wands offered over-the-counter? Dr. Davis says, earlier than you spend your cash on these merchandise, which will not be efficient or protected, discuss to your dermatologist.

“If you have interest in using an over-the-counter red or pink light, or a prescription blue light from a dermatologist’s office, please talk to your local dermatologist about its potential uses for you and your skin and your health,” says Dr. Davis.

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