How to Master Amazon Sex Position, According to a Sex Therapist

The Amazon intercourse place is a pretty new intercourse place and a critical web sensation—for good purpose. This athletic, woman-dominating stance has a lot to provide amongst enjoyable and completely different intercourse positions.

It will get its title from the legendary women-only warrior tribe, the Amazons, from historic Greece. The Amazons are featured in lots of epic poems and tales, recognized for his or her battle abilities, strength, braveness, and wonder—oh, and for dwelling on an island with none males. The Amazons have popped up once more in latest popular culture, due to the Wonder Woman film, the heroine of which (Diana Prince) is from the Amazon tribe.

With this historical past in thoughts, the Amazon intercourse place was born. It’s empowering and emboldening, making it probably the greatest intercourse positions for women.

What Is the Amazon Sex Position?

Amazon intercourse place appears like a mixture of cowgirl/rider and missionary intercourse positions. The vulva-owner rides the penetrative accomplice—like in cowgirl place—solely the giver’s legs are pulled up towards their chest.

Be warned, this place requires some critical flexibility, mobility, and steadiness. But in the event you’re prepared to give the Amazon intercourse place a whirl, that is all the pieces you want to know.

How to Do the Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon intercourse place is a riff on cowgirl, solely the penetrating accomplice pulls their knees to their chest.

Katie Buckleitner

  1. The penetrative accomplice lies on their again and bends their knees 90 levels  to desk high place, to start. Ideally, they will draw their knees all the way in which to their chest—comparable to completely happy baby pose in yoga—however this isn’t mandatory for the place to work.
  2. The receiver straddles the giver, aligning the genitals and holding the penetrative accomplice’s decrease legs or knees. This will help of their steadiness and assist, but additionally reduce the giver’s fatigue from holding their legs up.
  3. The receiver gently lowers themselves onto the giver’s penis or dildo, transferring slowly at first. Once in place, the receiver can bounce up and down, utilizing their legs for leverage, or gyrate with full management over velocity and depth of penetration. 

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Modifications to Make Amazon Position More Enjoyable

You can definitely add a complete host of intercourse toys for males and intercourse toys for women to the Amazon intercourse place—simply make certain you will have the balancing half down pat earlier than you add one thing like cock rings. 

1. Add a Wand Vibrator

Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Massager has a head circumference of 7.5 inches; the bigger floor space does not miss a spot.

Courtesy Image

This is a nice place for intercourse toys. We’d recommend a wand vibrator, because the lengthy base makes it simpler for the rider to use on themselves—offering much-needed clitoral stimulation. Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Massager is a superb alternative for this. The solid aluminum head has a cushioned cowl for better consolation and tactile buttons to change between settings and speeds. Just observe this wants to be plugged into an outlet whereas in use.

2. Try a Couples’ Vibrator or Cock Ring

We-Vibe Sync 2, Dame Eva, and Fun Factory Nos C-Ring are among the many finest Amazon place intercourse toys.

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You also can incorporate a {couples}’ vibrator, which is designed to be worn throughout penetrative intercourse. We-Vibe Sync 2 and Dame Eva are glorious {couples}’ toys that get the job completed. You also can strive a vibrating cock-ring like Fun Factory Nos C-Ring.

3. Use a Good-Quality Lube

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube and Lovehoney Water-Based Lubricant are suitable with any intercourse toy and condom.

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Lastly, make certain to get a high-quality lubricant to improve consolation and total pleasure. A water-based lubricant is at all times the only option, particularly in the event you’re utilizing silicone intercourse toys, as a silicone lube can break down the toy over time. Some nice decisions are Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube, a water- and aloe-based lube that is gynecologist-recommended and secure to be used with silicone toys; and Lovehoney Water-Based Lube, which is suitable with all intercourse toys, in addition to latex and polyurethane condoms.

Best Amazon Position Sex Variations  

Top Cat

Top Cat is a variation on the Amazon intercourse place the place the highest accomplice kneels earlier than the underside accomplice, reasonably than straddling.

Illustration by Katie Buckleitner

Why It’s Great

This is a slight variation to the Amazon intercourse place in that the receiving accomplice does not straddle the giver. Instead, they kneel on the within of their accomplice’s legs. This is nice if the receiving accomplice has restricted hip flexibility. After all, who wants to be that acrobatic when the identical energy dynamics might be achieved with better ease?

How to Do It

  1. The penetrative accomplice lies on their again and bends their knees 90 levels to desk high place, to start. 
  2. The receiving accomplice kneels in between their legs, reasonably than straddling them with their knees exterior the giver’s hips.
  3. The accomplice on high can lean ahead on their fingers for assist or lie flat in opposition to their accomplice’s chest. The accomplice on backside can wrap their legs across the receiver’s low again (this will help take the pressure off the hip flexors).  

Pro Tip

The vulva-owner can slide up and down their accomplice’s body to higher stimulate the clitoris, very similar to they might whereas doing the coital alignment approach.

Reverse Amazon Sex Position

Reverse Amazon intercourse place flips the basic so the receiver squats onto the giver and bounces up and down, like reverse cowgirl.

Illustration by Katie Buckleitner

Why It’s Great

Some folks lose their inhibitions after they’re not making direct eye contact with their accomplice. This variation nonetheless places the vulva-owner in management, however removes their sightlines.

How to Do It

  1. The penetrative accomplice lies on their again and bends their knees 90 levels to desk high place, to start.
  2. The vulva-owner slowly squats over their accomplice’s dildo or penis, going through away, and both balances on their ft (tougher) or knees (simpler). 
  3. Once settled, the vulva-owner can relaxation their fingers on both facet of their accomplice’s hips or stimulate their clitoris. 

Pro Tip

How you determine to transfer on this place is fully up to you, however we recommend a light bouncing movement or rocking backwards and forwards.

Squatting Cowgirl

Squatting cowgirl is the right amalgamation of cowgirl and Amazon intercourse positions, the place the receiver absolutely sits on the giver.

Illustration by Katie Buckleitner

Why It’s Great

Squatting cowgirl permits the receiver to hold the dom vitality alive with out having to do any sexual heavy-lifting. This place makes bouncing up and down fairly straightforward, as they’ve the total energy of their legs. 

How to Do It

  1. The penetrative accomplice lies on their again and extends their legs within the air, to start.
  2. The vulva-owner, squats over the giver, going through them, reducing onto their penis or dildo, planting the soles of their ft subsequent to their accomplice’s waist. Both companions can maintain onto one another for assist.
  3. Think of this like a yogi squat—solely with penetration. Bounce up and down, however be aware not to harm the penis-owner.

Pro Tip

If the vulva-owner begins to get the dreaded quad burn, swap to basic cowgirl. Because this requires a lot of hamstring flexibility for the giver, make certain to stretch first.

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Amazon Position Sex Benefits

  1. Amazon intercourse place encourages for direct eye contact, making it each scorching and intimate. 
  2. It permits the vulva-owner to entry their clitoris fairly simply, as their fingers are free. The rider can also find a way to generate some contact friction on the clitoris whereas using, however this can rely on every person’s anatomy.
  3. Possibly essentially the most thrilling good thing about Amazon intercourse place is the facility play it affords. The vulva-owner is within the dominant place, which may actually flip cultural scripts. There’s one thing deeply scorching about being dominated by your feminine or femme accomplice. Engaging in energy play is a enjoyable method to boost the eroticism within the bed room and be a higher lover. It’s not simply that the Amazon is a new and athletic place, it additionally affords you and your accomplice different roles within the bed room.
  4. Speaking of the athleticism concerned, we additionally price this place for its visible attraction. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to strive some sexual acrobatics.
  5. Lastly, in the event you or your accomplice expertise ache or discomfort throughout penetration, this place might be a lifesaver. Due to the place of the penis-owner’s body, it’s unlikely they’ll find a way to penetrate tremendous deeply, which will help with ache.  

Potential Downsides of Amazon Sex Position

  1. One huge draw back of Amazon intercourse place is it’s comparatively superior and laborious to do. Since this place requires the penetrating accomplice to carry their thighs all the way in which to their chest, it may trigger hip discomfort. For the person being penetrated, they could discover it tough to transfer up and down (or backwards and forwards) whereas making an attempt to hold their accomplice’s legs in place. You’re additionally going to want some critical core strength to rock this one.
  2. Another setback? This place is a designated LDP (lengthy dick place). Because the penis/dildo wants to attain previous the inserting accomplice’s thighs, size is essential. It can grow to be fairly difficult, if not unattainable, if the penis or dildo lacks the size to attain. While dimension definitely doesn’t matter within the grand scheme of fantastic intercourse, completely different positions are higher fitted to completely different anatomies.

Luckily, with our useful toys and variations, you may customise this place to give you the results you want.  

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