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ChatGPT Prompting Skills For ESL Teachers

ChatGPT Prompting Strategies For ESL Teaching

As an EdTech entrepreneur and educator, I’ve seen firsthand how the academic panorama is quickly evolving, particularly for ESL (English as a Second Language) instructing. One software that has been extensively utilized by each college students and lecturers is ChatGPT. While there’s loads of speak about how ChatGPT undermines the standard of training and permits college students to cheat their approach by means of assignments, I’m a firm believer that this expertise has the potential to reinforce the educational expertise if used accurately. Based on my private expertise, listed below are three ChatGPT prompting abilities that will help you as an ESL instructor leverage this software as your private instructing assistant.

Creating Interactive Language Practice Sessions With The Right ChatGPT Prompting

One of my favourite methods to make use of ChatGPT is to have it simulate conversations, role-play numerous eventualities, and create interactive tales for college kids. This methodology not solely enhances talking abilities but in addition boosts the boldness of scholars who are sometimes shy in conventional settings. Additional concepts for interactive classes embody:

1. Conversation Starters

You can immediate ChatGPT to generate dialog subjects, like discussing hobbies or environmental points, to kickstart class discussions. Feel free to personalize the immediate to your college students. For instance, you might ask ChatGPT to include a particular grammar or vocabulary subject you coated earlier at school.

  • Example 1
    “You are an ESL teacher teaching a class of Intermediate students. Generate conversation topics incorporating vocabulary related to work-life balance. For each topic, include questions that use gerunds and infinitives.”

2. Situational Dialogues

Try asking ChatGPT to behave as a stand-in for a selected persona like an interviewer or a restaurant waiter to assist college students follow related vocabulary. This is an efficient start line for a complete number of completely different actions. You can have college students learn out the dialogue generated by ChatGPT, fill the gaps within the dialogue, or ask college students to have a dialog with ChatGPT in actual time.

  • Example 1
    “Generate a dialogue between an airline employee and a customer. Leave 7 gaps in the dialogue for students to guess the word that should go in them. Provide your own suggestions for completing the gaps.”
  • Example 2
    “You are a waiter. I am a customer. Can you talk to me in character? Ask me one question at a time. Also, I want you to teach me useful relevant vocabulary as we’re having a conversation.”

3. Grammar Practice

Ask ChatGPT to create sentences for grammar exercises to assist college students appropriate errors or use completely different grammatical constructions.

  • Example 1
    “Generate 10 sentences. Each sentence needs to contain a grammar mistake related to: Present Perfect and Past Simple, prepositions, and subject-verb agreement. Explain what the mistakes are.”

Developing Customized Learning Materials With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is improbable for creating customized studying supplies. I’ve used it to generate worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plans that straight meet my instructing targets. For instance, for a concentrate on enterprise English, ChatGPT can put together business-related prompts and vocabulary exercises. Other supplies I’ve created with ChatGPT embody:

  • Vocabulary building
    Compile lists of phrases for specialised programs, like medical or authorized English.
  • Reading comprehension
    Generate articles with questions and prompts, appropriate for various studying ranges.
  • Listening follow
    Write scripts for mock podcasts or information stories for listening exercises.

Encouraging Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving

While ChatGPT is highly effective, I imagine it is very important train college students concerning the limits of this expertise and have them critically consider its responses. For instance, I may need ChatGPT present data on a subject, after which ask college students to evaluate its credibility.

Here are a number of different actions that encourage vital considering:

  • Debate preparation
    Generate a debate subject and supply arguments for numerous sides of a debate.
  • Project-based studying
    Have ChatGPT generate a situation for a activity your college students want to finish in English. This will enable them to follow language abilities in an uncommon atmosphere and take a look at their sensible grasp of the language.
  • Analyzing data
    Present AI-generated texts for college kids to evaluate accuracy and bias and use this to follow goal vocabulary, sentence building, and analytical abilities.

Keep in thoughts that ChatGPT’s output is barely nearly as good as your prompting talents. Your prompts must be detailed, structured, and particular sufficient for ChatGPT to know your request and produce the output you’re in search of. Luckily, there’s a framework for writing prompts that has by no means failed me and that I’d wish to counsel you utilize as effectively. It is known as the RACEF framework.

Leveraging The RACEF Framework For ChatGPT Prompting

The RACEF framework stands for Role, Action, Context, Example, and Format:

1. Role

Outline the position you prefer to ChatGPT to play. For instance, “You are an ESL teacher’s assistant for adult students in business with a focus on Information Technology.”

2. Action

Request particular actions. For instance, “Generate a lesson on the topic of cybersecurity.”

  • Task 1
    Provide a textual content of not more than 150 phrases. Highlight 10 goal vocabulary phrases associated to the subject.
  • Task 2
    Concept-checking questions.
  • Task 3
    Provide explanations of the goal vocabulary and embody an exercise the place college students must fill within the gaps to match the goal vocabulary to the right definition.
  • Task 4
    Generate 4 subject questions for college kids to debate in open class.

3. Context

Include any related particulars that may assist ChatGPT refine the output. For instance, “The material should be enough for a 60-minute class.”

4. Example

If potential, present an instance of an identical exercise you prefer to ChatGPT to mannequin.

5. Format

Specify the way you need the output to look. For instance, “Provide a complete lesson sheet with ready-to-use tasks. Don’t just map out the lesson plan.”


In conclusion, don’t shrink back from utilizing ChatGPT in your instructing. With a bit little bit of finesse and follow you possibly can leverage AI instruments to automate numerous elements of your work, comparable to activity checking and activity technology, leaving you extra time to interact together with your college students. Similarly, encourage college students to make use of ChatGPT as a further language follow software as an alternative of disallowing its use and viewing it as a hindrance to studying.

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