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Practical Advice for Parenting Strong-Willed Children

One of my boys is strong-willed. Over the years, Jean and I’ve joked that we have been elevating a lawyer-in-training. He might discover a loophole in something.

Once, Jean hosted a women’s tea and set out goodies in the lounge. She later found half the bowl was gone. When she asked our son if he’d eaten all of the goodies, he responded, “No,” with out hesitation.

“You didn’t eat the chocolates?”

“Oh, I ate some of them. But you asked if I had eaten all of them.”

If you’ve bought a strong-willed little one, you’ve in all probability encountered a humorous scenario like that. You could have even locked horns in a means that was no laughing matter. Strong-willed kids not often again down from a combat or cling their head in defeat. They’re glad to battle for management.

Life with a strong-willed little one may be difficult, however the information isn’t all bleak. Strong-willed kids have inside strength, a constructive attribute when it’s channeled correctly. Some of probably the most completed folks on the earth achieved success by harnessing their inside willpower. The inconceivable turns into attainable as a result of they’re not simply discouraged.

How do you train your strong-willed little one to funnel their will within the right course?

We’re answering that query on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Practical Advice for Parenting Strong-Willed Children” with our visitor Cynthia Tobias.

She is aware of lots about strong-willed kids. Not solely is she skilled to work with younger folks, however she was strong-willed as a baby and is strong-willed as an grownup. She explains the right way to be artistic while you’re elevating a strong-willed little one.

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