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Teaching Children to Celebrate Their Strengths

Growing up, writer Lucille Williams didn’t perceive how to establish her strengths, so her weaknesses captured most of her attention. Instead of thriving, she struggled with nervousness as a result of she couldn’t obtain like the opposite children.

Many youngsters face comparable confusion, however with steering, they’ll perceive their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and discover their identification in Christ. To help dad and mom in serving to their children uncover their God-given skills, Lucille wrote a youngsters’s e book known as Turtle Finds His Talent: A Slide-and-Find Book: Discovering How God Made You Special.

In the story, Tanner the Turtle notices his associates have skills that he doesn’t: Allie the bunny hops; Lincoln the fox runs quick; Joey the giraffe can attain issues up high. Embarrassed by his lack of expertise, Tanner withdraws into his shell to conceal. But then he learns a helpful lesson.

Lucille Williams is with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Teaching Children to Celebrate Their Strengths” to share how dad and mom will help their youngsters uncover their God-given expertise, together with:

  • Let your youngsters wrestle.
  • When going through a wrestle, make it enjoyable.
  • Be there in your little one.
  • Build their confidence.
  • Allow them to strive various things and concentrate on their strengths.
  • Believe in them.

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Lucille Williams’ e book Turtle Finds His Talent: A Slide-and-Find Book: Discovering How God Made You Special is on the market for a present of any quantity. Check here for particulars.

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