Seth Rollins’ Two-Move Workout Finisher for All-Day Arm and Leg Strength

If you need inspiration to construct useful strength that endures, look to Seth Rollins. The 37-year outdated has endured a number of the most grueling matches in WWE historical past: In May 2023, he wrestled 3 times in a single evening to earn his World Heavyweight Championship belt. And in 2018, he battled for 65 minutes straight within the longest televised WWE match in historical past.

More impressively, Rollins performs evening after evening, wrestling greater than 100 matches in 2023—all whereas working round stress fractures in his decrease again, and with a three-year outdated daughter bouncing across the residence he shares along with his spouse, fellow WWE Superstar Becky Lynch.

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Ahead of Royal Rumble 2024, Rollins advised Men’s Journal he credit his training for his long term of uninterrupted efficiency and means to endure and thrive in marathon matches. Instead of absolute strength, which offers the ability to elevate a weight or make a transfer just some occasions, he focuses on strength-endurance, which improves the power to specific strength once more and once more.

That’s not simply helpful for body slamming behemoths over and over. If you play basketball, hike with a loaded pack, or want to select your child up and put her again down 40 occasions on a wet Sunday, strength-endurance can assist you be stronger for longer.

Rollins at WWE Fastlane 2023.

Courtesy WWE

The WWE legend has been training this fashion for years, utilizing modified CrossFit workouts that usually have longer relaxation and avoiding heavy Olympic lifts for his joints’ sakes. Today, Rollins says, he does 5 to 6 training classes per week, most lasting lower than an hour. Each begins with a brief metabolic conditioning warmup, like 5 minutes on an Assault bike, leaping rope, or running. He then performs resistance band warmups for the muscle tissues and actions he’s about to focus on, and then does round 30 minutes of useful bodybuilding training, rotating between push and pull days.

But the important thing to his training, and what ensures he maintains strength all match lengthy, evening after evening, is his high-intensity, 15-minute finisher. Below, he shares his favourite variation—a wall ball and bike interval session.

“It’s such a challenging workout in the sense that you look at the clock and think, ‘it’s only a minute,’” he says. This exercise is humbling—and efficient—for WWE legends and common guys alike.

Rollins’ training usually resembles CrossFit WODs.

Courtesy WWE

Try Rollins’ Two-Move, 15-Minute Finisher

For one minute, carry out as many wall balls as doable (directions beneath). At the tip of that minute, hop on an air bike that mixes arm and leg motion—like an Assault Bike or Rogue Echo—for one other all-out minute, making an attempt to burn as many energy as doable on the bike’s pc. You’ll then relaxation for a full minute earlier than repeating your complete sequence 4 extra occasions: Wall balls, bike, and then relaxation.

In every spherical, attempt to match the variety of wall ball reps you probably did within the first minute, and attempt to keep the tempo and calorie burn on the bike as you probably did within the first spherical.

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The finisher is straightforward, however deceptively devious, the WWE vet says.

“You’ve got a full minute to recover, which seems really nice,” he says. “But I am so sore after this workout. My legs are just gassed.”

Try incorporating this after your subsequent strength training session, Rollins says. And hearken to your body: Don’t go so onerous on the primary spherical that you just collapse, he says. Find a tempo you’ll be able to keep and repeat 5 occasions, and attempt to improve it the following time you do the finisher.

Rollins combating Finn Bálor throughout Raw on November 14, 2022.

Courtesy WWE

How to Do Wall Balls

1. Stand together with your toes between shoulder- and hip-width aside in entrance of a tall wall. Hold a soft-sided drugs ball in entrance of your chest with elbows bent.

2. Push your hips again to squat, and bend your knees to at the least 90 levels. Keep a proud chest as you descend.

3. Stand up out of the squat explosively and throw the ball up on the wall to a goal about 10 toes above you.

4. Catch the ball and instantly squat once more. Repeat for as many repetitions as doable for one minute.

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