New Research Indicates That Statins Could Slow Dementia

New analysis signifies that statins could gradual cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s sufferers. This observational research, which doesn’t affirm a causal relationship, means that statins could possibly be helpful for some dementia sufferers. Future analysis goals to establish particular affected person teams that may profit from this therapy.

Statins, which scale back blood fats, may decelerate Alzheimer’s illness in sure sufferers, in accordance with current analysis from Karolinska Institute that was printed within the journal Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy. However, the research’s authors method the findings with warning, viewing them as an preliminary section in ongoing analysis that might in the end yield conclusive solutions.

A brand new research exhibits that individuals with Alzheimer’s dementia deteriorated extra slowly of their cognitive features in the event that they had been additionally handled with a lipid-lowering statin, in comparison with those that weren’t handled. However, the research is an observational research the place the researchers have in contrast knowledge on the sufferers from a registry and subsequently can not reply whether or not there actually is a causal relationship. Thus, the researchers are cautious of their interpretations.

Insights from Research Leader

“People with Alzheimer’s dementia treated with statins had better cognitive development over time. However, the results of the study do not mean that we now have evidence that people with dementia should be treated with statins. But on the other hand, we can’t see any support for not doing so. So, if a person needs statins for high blood lipids, a dementia diagnosis should not stop the treatment,” says Sara Garcia-Ptacek, docent of neuroscience and assistant professor on the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, and analysis chief of the present research.

The motive she emphasizes security is that statins had been initially suspected of inflicting confusion in sufferers with dementia. There has subsequently been some resistance to prescribing statins to those sufferers.

Study Details and Previous Concerns

The research included knowledge from greater than 15,500 sufferers with dementia who additionally had a sign for lipid-lowering therapy. Almost 11,000 of them had been handled with statins. In basic, the sufferers who had been handled with statins had barely increased values within the cognitive assessments carried out, regardless that they had been extra prone to have diagnoses corresponding to high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes, all of that are threat elements for dementia.

Sara Garcia-Ptacek explains that the analysis crew started with a speculation that statins may gradual the development of dementia and forged a reasonably vast web to see if they may discover proof of this.

“The basic idea of this study was to pave the way for a more precise cohort study that could eventually lead to a clinical intervention study, which is what is needed to prove a causal link between statins and cognition,” says Sara Garcia-Ptacek.

The concept that statins may have an effect on the danger or development of dementia shouldn’t be new. There are even some scientific research finished, however they’ve all been adverse.

“We believe that only certain patients with Alzheimer’s dementia may benefit from statins and that previous clinical trials have been too small to show any significant differences. “Our idea is to try to crystallize which patient groups benefit the most and why, before embarking on clinical trials,” says Sara Garcia-Ptacek.

Reference: “Statins and cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s and mixed dementia: a longitudinal registry-based cohort study” by Bojana Petek, Henrike Häbel, Hong Xu, Marta Villa-Lopez, Irena Kalar, Minh Tuan Hoang, Silvia Maioli, Joana B. Pereira, Shayan Mostafaei, Bengt Winblad, Milica Gregoric Kramberger, Maria Eriksdotter and Sara Garcia-Ptacek, 20 December 2023, Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy.
DOI: 10.1186/s13195-023-01360-0

The analysis was funded by Region Stockholm, the Swedish Research Council, and the Dementia and Margareta af Ugglas Foundation.

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