What if Everyone was a Thief? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #whatif

Everyone was a thief:
Jails will change into extraordinarily overcrowded.
Cops may have no time to relaxation.
Nobody will step out of their houses within the concern of getting robbed.
Aliens might go away their valuables behind earlier than coming to planet Earth.
Original thieves will certainly go away planet Earth.
Sellers of Thief costumes might make a lot of cash.
People might start taking excessive measures to cover their valuables.
Even Superheroes might get drained.
People might start organising alarms and cameras to catch thieves.
Even aliens might get robbed.

0:00 – What if Everyone was a Thief?
1:30 – Why do our Ears Hurt once we Fly?
2:28 – Why do our Eyes get Dry?
3:34 – Why do our Eyes change into Red?
4:40 – What if Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipped?
5:50 – What if Earth’s Core Cooled Down?
6:58 – What if we Dump Trash into Volcanoes?
8:26 – What if Universe Stopped Expanding?
9:31 – What if Everybody started Living Underground?

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