Mayo Clinic Minute: Can cold weather cause a cold?

The bitter winter components might be brutal on the body. But is there any reality that you could “catch a cold” if not correctly dressed exterior?

Dr. Jesse Bracamonte, a Mayo Clinic household doctor, explains why colds and different viruses are extra frequent within the winter months.

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When your dad and mom advised you to placed on a coat earlier than you go exterior otherwise you’ll catch cold, there’s a small kernel of reality to that.

“If you’re a little bit colder outside, your body’s immune system may just drop a little bit because it’s spending extra effort to keep you warm. That’s not with everybody, but, in some cases, it may predispose you to a cold,” says Dr. Bracamonte.

But, he says, the cold weather itself does not cause the frequent cold. However, as winter temps dip down, the possibilities of spreading a respiratory virus go up as a result of extra time is spent indoors with others.

“When it’s cold outside, typically people gather around the fireplace or around your home. Therefore, if people are sick, you’re more likely to be in close proximity to someone who is ill, thus catch the cold,” says Dr. Bracamonte.

He says should you do catch a cold or one of many frequent viruses that cause the frequent cold, it is vital to keep in mind that it is a virus normally not a bacterial an infection, so antibiotics often do not assist. Staying hydrated, getting loads of relaxation and eating healthy are all vital.

“In most cases, for most healthy people, we call it supportive management: time, rest, chicken soup and just staying away from others is usually the best medicine,” he says.

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