The Mass Extinction Debates: A Science Communication Odyssey

In which the dinosaurs go extinct and 66 million years later folks get offended about it.

What killed the dinosaurs? Maybe you assume .

Many others thought they knew. They noticed lots of of years of scientific progress, shifting paradigms, and explosive arguments behind them, and determined they have been on the finish. The Ok-Pg extinction was settled. Then it exploded once more. And once more. And it saved exploding far more than any layperson right this moment actually appreciates, revealing extra about science and its communication than you ever imagined.

This is the story of the mass extinction debates.

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Special due to Alex Grab for the superior rock association of Fossils from Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals:

Special due to Dr Christopher Scotese for granting me permission to make use of maps from the PALEOMAP Project:

0:00 – Intro
5:17 – Part I: The End
28:40 – Part II: The Record of the Rocks
47:46 – Part III: A Sudden Violent and Unusual Event
1:18:29 – Part IV: Exterminate All Dinosaurs With This One Weird Trick!
1:46:42 – Part V: Confessions of a YouTuber
2:10:05 – Credits



Recent evaluate concerning the dinosaurs’ extinction:

Jefferson’s mammoth cheese:

Darren Naish on one other palaeontological paradigm dust-up:

Michael J. Benton on the historical past of the dinosaurs’ extinction:

The Alvarez paper on asteroids:

The Vogt paper on volcanoes:

My Pythagoras video:

Neil Halloran’s video on nuclear winter:

Kyle Hill’s video on YouTube science spam:

Elisabeth S. Clemens on the debates:

Interview with William Glen:


A full listing of sources and credit may be discovered right here:

The Mass Extinction Debates [Credits]

Raw knowledge from my survey is offered right here:

If you are in search of much more, I’ve written a weblog put up concerning the manufacturing, omissions and reception of this video:

Further Confessions of a YouTuber


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