Eating Strawberries Could Help Prevent Dementia and Depression

A latest examine demonstrates that strawberries, consumed day by day for 12 weeks, can enhance reminiscence and cut back depressive signs in middle-aged, obese adults. This enchancment is attributed to the anti-inflammatory results of anthocyanins in strawberries, highlighting the fruit’s function in cognitive health.

Improvements seen in govt cognitive management and emotional coping following strawberry consumption.

A brand new examine printed within the peer-reviewed science journal Nutrients exhibits day by day consumption of strawberries for 12 weeks diminished interference in reminiscence and depressive signs amongst middle-aged, obese adults with self-reported delicate cognitive decline.

Understanding Dementia and Dietary Impact

“Dementia is a general term that includes many different diseases, all without remedies,” says Robert Krikorian, Ph.D., principal investigator and professor within the Department of Psychiatry on the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center. “It is not clear when or if effective therapy will be available; prevention and mitigation through dietary and lifestyle choices is currently the best approach we have.”

Methodology and Participant Profile

This double-blind, randomized managed trial included 5 males and 25 women. One group acquired a strawberry powder ready from entire fruit that had been desiccated, freeze-dried, and milled. The second group acquired the management powder which was designed to have the identical look, style, and carbohydrate load because the strawberry powder and contained fiber however no polyphenolic content material. Daily servings of strawberry and management powder had been sealed in packets for the comfort of the contributors and to manage day by day dosage.

Strawberries Concept Art

Strawberries are extremely nutritious and supply a spread of health advantages. They are significantly wealthy in vitamin C, offering 100% of the day by day requirement in only a single cup. This makes them wonderful for supporting the immune system and pores and skin health. Strawberries additionally include heart-healthy vitamins like folate and potassium, which contribute to cardiovascular health.

Each packet of strawberry powder contained 13 grams, offering 36.8 milligrams anthocyanins derived from 130 grams entire fruit and equal to about 1 cup entire recent strawberries. Participants had been additionally asked to discontinue consumption of all berry fruits, juices, and extracts at some stage in the examine. This was finished to mitigate the potential confound associated to a gaggle distinction in consumption of berry merchandise within the background food plan.

Study Rationale and Target Group

“We wanted to work with a middle-aged, overweight population as dementia is a condition that is believed to develop over a period of decades. Furthermore, inflammation is likely a contributing factor related to metabolic disorders such as overweight/obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes,” explains Krikorian.

Findings and Implications

Specifically, the findings present that after the 12-week intervention, contributors who got the entire fruit strawberry powder made fewer ‘intrusion errors’ throughout a glossary studying activity (e.g., remembering/repeating phrases not included within the studying activity). This has relevance when it comes to figuring out cognitive decline as reminiscence interference will not be unusual within the context of getting older, particularly in late-life dementia. Additionally, contributors who got the entire fruit strawberry powder reported decrease ranges of depressive signs which suggests improved emotional coping capabilities. “Our findings can likely be attributed to the anti-inflammatory actions of the anthocyanins found in strawberries,” added Krikorian.

Nutritional Benefits of Strawberries

In addition to offering polyphenols, strawberries are a supply of many bioactive compounds. Strawberries present 100% of our day by day vitamin C wants in single, 1-cup serving and include heart-healthy vitamins like folate, potassium, fiber, phytosterols, and polyphenols.

Future of Polyphenol Research

“We are excited with these findings and the future of polyphenol research,” says Chris Christian, senior vice chairman on the California Strawberry Commission.

“The link between strawberry consumption and mind health has been properly explored in each medical and population-based research. For instance, strawberries and pelargonidin, a biochemical primarily present in strawberries, had been related to a diminished danger of Alzheimer’s dementia in research carried out at Rush University. And, long-term observational research, together with the Health Professionals Study and the Nurses’ Health Study, discovered that strawberry shoppers had decrease charges of cognitive decline,” explains Christian.

For extra on this examine, see Eating Strawberries Every Day Could Reduce Risk of Dementia.

Reference: “Early Intervention in Cognitive Aging with Strawberry Supplementation” by Robert Krikorian, Marcelle D. Shidler and Suzanne S. Summer, 18 October 2023, Nutrients.
DOI: 10.3390/nu15204431

Funding: California Strawberry Commission

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