Is It Possible to Reverse Aging and Live Forever?

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My e book How Not to Die was not about residing perpetually. It was not How to Not Die, however quite How Not to Die, as in prematurely, in ache after an extended continual disabling sickness. The excellent news I shared is that we have now great energy over our health future, in that the overwhelming majority of untimely dying and incapacity is preventable with a healthy sufficient food regimen and life-style.

How Not to Age has an analogous premise. It is just not about immortality, however quite how to age with grace and vigor quite than endure from the ravages of infirmity and decrepitude. But why can’t we cease ageing and stay perpetually?

From the Epic of Gilgamesh over 4,000 years in the past to the latest quincentennial of Ponce de Leon’s pursuit for the fountain of youth, humankind has yearned for the legendary elixir of life that might treatment the scourges of ageing. And why not? It’s not like ageing is a few immutable fixed in nature. Evolution has produced lifespans in animals that modify 5,000-fold, from these solely residing a couple of days to clams clocking in at over 500 years. Just just like the Wright brothers might have taken inspiration from birds, we are able to take inspiration from animals who age slower, if in any respect.

Why can’t we stay perpetually? Some animals do, and I’m not speaking a couple of 200-year-old whale, or perhaps a thousand-year-old tree. I’m speaking about immortal. There are literally species (with names just like the immortal jellyfish) who apparently don’t age, and might technically go on perpetually. And why not?

In a way, people are immortal, in that a couple of of our cells stay on—sperm or egg cells fortunate sufficient to discover one another. Each of our youngsters develop out of considered one of our cells, and that alone—I imply, the truth that a single cell can develop right into a person—ought to make, as compared, the notion of conserving our our bodies going indefinitely appear biologically trivial. One little fertilized microscopic blob turning into maybe essentially the most advanced object within the recognized universe––the human mind, with its 86 billion neurons spanning 100,000 miles inside your head, like 4 instances across the equator, making 150 trillion connections. All rising out of a microscopic speck of a blob. If that’s doable in biology, then what isn’t?

Still, there may be a lot skepticism within the scientific group, the place many consider ageing is an irreversible course of. ‘‘Anti-aging’’ is in contrast to being ‘‘anti-gravity.” Vocal critics within the gerontology group have accused these suggesting the opportunity of enormously prolonged human lifespans as being “contemptible … for duping the public,” suggesting ‘‘something previous [age] 130 is ridiculous.” Such doubts are reliably countered by proponents who quote preeminent scientists of yore making equally absolutist claims that didn’t age nicely. Nobel prize-winning physicists spoke of the prospect of nuclear energy as ‘‘speaking moonshine,” a “completely unscientific Utopian dream, a childish bug-a-boo.” Lord Kelvin, thought of one of many best scientists of his time, notoriously asserted: “Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible”––evidently doubling down on their impracticality in 1902, only a 12 months earlier than the primary flight at Kitty Hawk.

Already within the lab, genetic mutations can have an effect on a 10-fold improve in lifespan, not less than in a species of tiny worm. In mice, dietary and genetic manipulation yields extra like a 70 p.c improve. Single tweaks like methionine restriction (which is a part of my Anti-Aging Eight tips) can lengthen the typical and most lifespans of rats by about 40 p.c, which might translate to boosting human lifespan to a mean of round 110, with the uncommon centenarian hitting 140. These outcomes have but to be replicated in folks, but when we found interventions to not solely sluggish ageing, however actively restore the amassed injury, the sky may very well be the restrict.

Starry-eyed scientists within the area think about time may very well be successfully melted away, like that surrealist portray of drooping clocks, a “rejuvenation of your body leading ultimately to an endless summer of literally perpetual youth.”

A “longevity escape velocity” is envisaged, through which we might simply have to stay lengthy sufficient for improvements to add extra time than is passing––the tipping level at which every year we are able to add not less than one further 12 months of life expectancy. This might theoretically allow humanity to have primarily limitless lifespans. I stay agnostic as to whether or not such a breakthrough is feasible, however I do hope my new e book will assist regardless, whether or not you’re striving to stay lengthy sufficient to stay perpetually or simply attempting to die younger, as previous as doable.

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