Israel Shrouds Gaza Invasion in Secrecy

And even after that, the army saved a veil over its exercise. On Monday it launched solely restricted info, conveying the impression of a managed, low-intensity advance.

Mr. Netanyahu, chatting with reporters, emphatically rejected appeals for a cease-fire as “calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism.” Asked concerning the loss of life toll in Gaza, Mr. Netanyahu mentioned that “not a single civilian has to die,” and he accused Hamas of “preventing them from leaving the areas of conflict.”

The army launched unverified footage that appeared to indicate Israeli tanks shifting slowly down seashores in northern Gaza. The clips additionally confirmed Israeli bulldozers reshaping the terrain, probably to ease the tanks’ passage or to destroy tunnel infrastructure. But the footage confirmed little precise preventing, and stories of clashes have been restricted to terse and obscure statements.

After worldwide condemnation of the toll the assaults have taken on Palestinian civilians, Israel has spoken solely of its actions towards Hamas fighters.

“Troops killed dozens of terrorists who barricaded themselves in buildings and tunnels,” learn one announcement from the Israeli army.

Hamas has additionally tried to show vagueness to its benefit. Its army wing has acknowledged clashing with Israeli troops, but additionally solely in basic phrases. “Mujahedeen surprise enemy forces advancing northwest of Beit Lahia,” mentioned one Hamas assertion on Monday afternoon.

By Monday night, it appeared that the Israeli troopers have been encircling Gaza City, sealing off entry to the town from the north and south, however nonetheless refraining from sending main forces inside it.

“A sort of pincer movement, cutting it off and making sure nobody leaves,” is how Dr. Krieg described it.

Whether it is going to work is unclear: The actual check will come as soon as the Israeli forces enter Gaza City.

“We’re not in the urban combat stage yet, where it becomes very, very messy,” Dr. Krieg mentioned.

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