Mayo Clinic Minute: The importance of supplemental screenings for dense breasts

You would possibly want supplemental screenings in case you’ve been recognized with dense breast tissue. Women with dense breast tissue have much less fats and extra glandular and connective tissue. They are additionally at a better danger of growing most cancers.

Dense breast tissue refers back to the manner breast tissue seems on a mammogram. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 50% of women have this sort of breast tissue.

Dr. Kristin Robinson, a Mayo Clinic breast radiologist, encourages women with dense breast tissue to have extra screenings.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

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What are some extra screenings?

Supplemental screenings are a good suggestion in case your mammogram reveals you could have dense breast tissue.

“The dense tissue on a mammogram looks white, and cancer looks white,” says Dr. Robinson.

She says these exams can help in figuring out most cancers. Diagnostic instruments, like MRI, use highly effective magnets and radio waves to create cross-sectional photos of the breasts.

“MRI looks at blood flow in the breast tissue and compares it to the blood flow throughout that breast and the opposite breast. And the idea is that cancer is going to have more blood flow,” explains Dr. Robinson.

Another choice to think about is getting a molecular breast imaging check, or MBI. This examination makes use of a radioactive tracer that may establish most cancers cells.

“It shows up lightbulb bright to us and becomes very easy to see compared to the normal surrounding tissue,” says Dr. Robinson.

Contrast-enhanced mammography is one other method to go. It combines mammography and IV distinction to look at blood circulate within the breasts.

“The contrast agent there, again, should go to the cancer specifically and be able to be distinguished,” says Dr. Robinson.

The supplemental screenings present docs with extra data and provides sufferers peace of thoughts.

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