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Change What You’re Looking For

I’m reminded of a narrative a couple of hunter who owned an uncommon chicken canine. While different canine barked, pointed, and fetched birds, this one walked on water. The hunter was so excited to point out off his canine’s exceptional skill that he invited his buddy on a searching journey. Each time they shot a duck, the canine ran throughout the highest of the water and fetched the chicken.

For hours, the 2 males hunted. Yet, the buddy by no means commented in regards to the canine’s uncommon skill. So, lastly, the hunter asked, “What do you think of my dog?” His buddy replied, “It seems he can’t swim.”

You and I expertise an identical phenomenon every single day. We see what we need to see. Our upbringing, our training, and our previous experiences form how we understand the world round us. While that form of tunnel imaginative and prescient could deepen our convictions, it additionally blinds us to different, equally vital elements.

Consider the way you view your marriage, your youngsters, or your profession. If all you see is negativity, perhaps unfavorable is what you’re on the lookout for. A greater strategy is to focus your thoughts and coronary heart on issues which might be good, proper, encouraging, and true. Look for the nice in your marriage. Catch your youngsters doing proper as a substitute of flawed. Appreciate the alternatives your job affords you rather than begrudging those it doesn’t.

Improving your life begins with you. Change what you see by altering what you’re on the lookout for.

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