Mayo Clinic Minute: What Black men need to know about prostate cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. It’s one of many main causes of cancer loss of life amongst all men. However, Black men are disproportionately hit laborious by the illness. One in 6 Black men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime — in contrast to 1 in 8 in different men. They are additionally greater than twice as possible to die from prostate cancer.

Dr. Cassandra Moore, a Mayo Clinic oncologist, explains what Black men need to know to reverse the disturbing pattern.

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Medical illustration of a traditional prostate and cancerous prostate

Black men harshly impacted by prostate cancer

Men typically do not speak about health points that happen beneath the belt, however perhaps they need to.

“It is the most common cancer in men outside of skin cancer, and it’s the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men,” says Dr. Moore.

It’s unclear why Black men are harshly impacted by prostate cancer. There are possible many contributing components, reminiscent of genetics, weight loss plan, surroundings, entry to care and racial bias.

“There are studies that show that African American men are less likely to be offered treatments, be offered even clinical trials,” says Dr. Moore.

Knowing your loved ones historical past is vital. Black men and people with a household historical past of prostate, breast, colon or ovarian cancer ought to take into account getting screened for prostate cancer beginning at age 40.

“The BRCA gene, BRCA1 and 2, play a role in prostate cancer,” explains Dr. Moore.

Maintaining a weight loss plan wealthy in vegetables and fruit, limiting purple meats and processed meals, sustaining a healthy weight, and exercising are helpful in lowering prostate cancer.

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