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Owl Rescued From Drowning In Backyard Pool

An animal rescuer on New York’s Long Island swooped in to assist a drowning owl earlier this week.

The Suffolk County nonprofit mentioned it had obtained a name about an “owl that was drowning in a swimming pool” and “immediately set out” to assist.

Video reveals the rescue group’s president, Frankie Floridia, fishing the flailing chicken or prey out of the water with a long-handled internet and putting it inside a plastic tub for transportation.

Several individuals who commented on the Facebook publish questioned why the owners hadn’t scooped the struggling owl out themselves. The group responded that it doesn’t “ask questions” when somebody requires assist with an animal, including, “these people were good people who wanted help for the owl.”

Last month, a barred owl was rescued from a similar situation in a Florida swimming pool and was handled for accidents by the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Sanibel.

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