Mayo Clinic Minute: What is augmented reality spine surgery?

For hundreds of thousands of individuals, again ache is a literal ache within the again. Thankfully, most again issues might be handled conservatively. But for individuals with extreme low again ache precipitated from arthritis, most cancers or degeneration, spine surgical procedure could make an enormous distinction of their high quality of life.

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Spine surgical procedure is a giant deal and never with out its dangers. But expertise is making a distinction. Innovations, like augmented reality, permit surgeons to see crucial constructions with out creating bigger incisions. Mayo Clinic resident Dr. Miles Hudson, who works with neurosurgeon Dr. Maziyar Kalini, says, “There’s a lot of very vital structures that we have to move out of the way and/or avoid to get these surgeries done safely. Augmented reality lets us enhance our visual senses.”

By combining affected person scans and MRIs, the expertise permits the surgeon to see extra with out creating bigger incisions. “Using those scans, our technologists can make the 3D models of the scan, and then we can use the 3D models and pair that to our neuro navigation software. And then by fusing those two together, you get a navigated 3D model that we can overlay through different visual devices, such as a headset or the surgical microscope itself,” says Dr. Hudson.

He says this expertise of Augment Reality Spine Surgery will assist obtain much less ache, with fewer issues for sufferers. “It simply helps elevate that security to the following stage by understanding the place all of the crucial constructions are and with the ability to truly see them via all of the bone and smooth tissue.”

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