Consumer Health: What is glioblastoma?

Glioblastoma Awareness Day will likely be noticed Wednesday, July 19, which makes this an excellent time to find out about some of the complicated, lethal and treatment-resistant cancers.

More than 14,490 individuals within the U.S. will likely be identified with glioblastoma in 2023, in keeping with the National Brain Tumor Society, and 10,000 individuals within the U.S. will die of the illness. The five-year survival fee is 6.9%, and the median size of survival is eight months.

Glioblastoma, also referred to as glioblastoma multiforme, is a kind of glioma, that are tumors that happen within the mind and spinal twine. Glioblastoma is an aggressive most cancers that types from cells referred to as astrocytes that help nerve cells. Glioblastoma can occur at any age, nevertheless it tends to happen extra usually in older adults and extra usually in males than women.


Glioma signs depend upon the placement of the glioma. Symptoms additionally might depend upon the kind of glioma, its dimension and the way shortly it is rising.

Common signs and symptoms of glioblastoma embrace:

  • Headaches that maintain getting worse.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Blurred or double imaginative and prescient.
  • Seizures.


Treatment might gradual development of the most cancers, and scale back indicators and signs. But glioblastoma might be troublesome to deal with, and a treatment usually is not potential. When it involves creating a care plan, it is vital to weigh the advantages of therapy towards uncomfortable side effects that may scale back high quality of life.

Glioblastoma treatment choices embrace:

  • Surgery to take away the glioblastoma
    The aim of surgical procedure is to take away as a lot of the tumor as potential. But as a result of glioblastoma grows into the traditional mind tissue, full elimination is not potential. For this motive, most individuals obtain further therapies after surgical procedure to focus on the remaining cells.
  • Radiation remedy
    Radiation remedy normally is really helpful after surgical procedure and could also be mixed with chemotherapy. For individuals who cannot endure surgical procedure, radiation remedy and chemotherapy could also be used as a major therapy.
  • Chemotherapy
    Chemotherapy makes use of medicine to kill most cancers cells, and it might be administered throughout surgical procedure, after surgical procedure and if glioblastoma recurs.
  • Tumor treating fields remedy
    This remedy makes use of {an electrical} discipline to disrupt the tumor cells’ means to multiply. Adhesive pads are utilized to the scalp and related to a conveyable system that generates {the electrical} discipline. Tumor treating fields remedy is mixed with chemotherapy, and it might be really helpful after radiation remedy.
  • Targeted drug remedy
    Targeted drug remedy focuses on particular abnormalities in most cancers cells that enable them to develop and thrive. The medicine assault these abnormalities, inflicting the most cancers cells to die.
  • Clinical trials
    Clinical trials are research of latest therapies. These research provide you with an opportunity to attempt the newest therapy choices, however the danger of uncomfortable side effects is probably not recognized. Ask your health care skilled whether or not you could be eligible to take part in a medical trial.

Connect with others speaking about glioblastoma within the Brain Tumor Support Group on Mayo Clinic Connect, a web-based affected person neighborhood moderated by Mayo Clinic.

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