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Crows And Magpies Build Nests Out Of Anti-Bird Spikes

Some hen nests are getting fairly metallic.

Crows and magpies in Belgium and the Netherlands have constructed their nests utilizing anti-bird spikes ― metallic skewers that individuals place on buildings and typically even on timber to forestall birds from gathering there.

“Even for me as a nest researcher, these are the craziest bird nests I’ve ever seen,” tweeted Auke-Florian Hiemstra, a biologist on the Netherlands’ Naturalis Biodiversity Center and lead creator of a scientific paper on the phenomenon published in the journal Deinsea this week.

A magpie nest that includes repurposed anti-bird spikes.

Birds incorporating sharp, human-made objects into their nests isn’t new, however the newest analysis is the “first well-documented study” on crow and magpie nests that “almost entirely consist of material that is meant to deter birds: anti-bird spikes,” the paper states.

Speaking to The New York Times, Hiemstra known as the tactic “a brilliant comeback” on the a part of the birds.

“We’re trying to get rid of birds, the birds are collecting our metal spikes and actually making more birds in these nests,” he stated.

The animals can assemble the nests so the spikes don’t damage them. And there’s proof that magpies may be using the spikes in a very ingenious method. Those birds are recognized to construct nests that embody spiky supplies like thorns to discourage predators. And within the nests researchers examined, the hen spikes have been positioned in an outward-facing method, suggesting that in addition they serve a predator-prevention function.

Crows and magpies have additionally been noticed actively ripping the spike strips off buildings, Kees Moeliker, director of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, told The Guardian.

Bird fanatics have celebrated the seemingly defiant habits on social media. That consists of avian ecologist and crow researcher Kaeli Swift, who explained the study to her followers on TikTok and added, “I am absolutely living for the bird rebellion.”

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