New Study Reveals That Needle-Free Acupuncture Could Help You Lose Weight

A brand new examine means that ear acupuncture utilizing metallic beads can support weight loss when mixed with a restricted weight loss program. The beads, which stimulate nerves and organs regulating urge for food, have been discovered to considerably cut back contributors’ waist circumference, body fats, and BMI over three months.

A current examine found that 6-point stimulation of the outer ear with easy metallic beads helped cut back waist circumference, body fats, and BMI in males residing with weight problems.

According to current analysis introduced on the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Dublin, Ireland (17-20 May), ear acupuncture utilizing metallic beads, when paired with a restricted weight loss program, can help in weight loss, reducing body mass index (BMI), and lowering body fats. The analysis was carried out by Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto and his crew from Clinic F, Tokyo, Japan.

The findings suggest that acupuncture stimulation with beads is a neater strategy to manage food cravings in comparison with the standard use of intradermal needles, which generally necessitate the abilities of an expert acupuncturist.

“Since these tiny metal beads are attached to six points on the outer ear that stimulate nerves and organs which regulate appetite, satiety, and hunger, this type of acupuncture does not require complex knowledge or skill,” explains Dr Fujimoto. “In Japan, this method to aid weight loss has been used for over 30 years.”

In conventional Chinese drugs, acupuncture is predicated on the understanding that your health relies on the circulate of qi (power) in your body.

This power travels alongside invisible pathways, often called meridians, which might be discovered all through your body, together with your ears. A blocked or disrupted circulate of qi can have a unfavourable impact in your bodily and psychological health.

Auricular (ear) acupuncture remedy is predicated on the speculation that the outer ear represents all elements of the body. Thin needles or beads are positioned on sure factors, often alongside meridian traces, to revive the circulate of qi by resolving any blockages or disruption and will assist with quite a lot of health situations.

The strategy has been used to deal with drug dependancy and to assist individuals hand over smoking and lose weight.

While the mechanism is unclear, studies recommend that ear acupuncture might assist to control the endocrine system, modulate metabolism, promote digestion, and reduce oxidative stress.

This new examine builds on previous research in Japanese women with obese or weight problems which discovered that these handled with ear acupuncture with beads misplaced considerably extra weight than those that have been untreated, and this weight loss was maintained for 6 months after the tip of remedy.

The new examine of 81 obese or overweight Japanese males (aged 21 to 78; common BMI 28.4 kg/m²) with high ranges of unhealthy belly fats assessed auricular acupuncture with 1.5 mm metallic ear beads on six factors of the outer ear—shen-men, food pipe, higher abdomen opening, abdomen, lungs, and endocrine system (see determine 1 in notes to editors).

The beads have been positioned on each ears and stored in place utilizing surgical tape to make sure the contributors have been repeatedly receiving uniform pressure on every of the six acupuncture factors. The beads have been changed twice every week throughout hospital visits. At the identical time, contributors got steerage on weight loss program, and body weight was measured.

Participants have been asked to cut back their complete food consumption by half through the 3 months of their remedy and stored food diaries.

All contributors have been weighed and measured on the start and finish of remedy, together with body weight, body fats proportion, fats mass, lean mass, muscle mass, BMI, and belly fats to see what influence auricular acupuncture with beads might have.

The examine discovered substantial variations after 3 months, with contributors shedding on common 10.4cm off their waist circumference (from a mean 98.4cm on the start of the examine to 88cm) and 4% of complete body fats (from common 28.2% to 24.3%).

Measures of unhealthy belly body fats additionally fell by on common 2 factors (from 15.2 on the start of the examine to 13 after 3 months—evaluated on a scale of 1 to 59; with a healthy visceral fats score between 1 and 12, and extreme ranges between 13 and 59), and BMI decreased by virtually 3 factors (common BMI 28.4kg/m² to 25.5 kg/m²)

“Our findings suggest that acupuncture on the ear may aid weight loss when paired with diet and exercise,” says Dr Fujimoto. “It’s likely that acupuncture has a positive effect by curbing cravings and appetite, improving digestion, and boosting metabolism.”

The authors word a number of limitations together with that it’s an observational examine in a small group of Japanese males over a short while interval and might’t show causation.

Meeting: European Congress on Obesity (ECO2023)

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