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To Flourish and Thrive | Jim Daly

The sexual revolution that started within the 1960s has taught us extra concerning the want for good boundaries than another time in historical past.

When the contraception tablet first grew to become accessible, the response was a cultural pendulum swing labelled “free love” the place males and women have been inspired to forged off all ethical restraint. Boundaries that when ruled sexual promiscuity basically vanished.

The sexual revolution assured us that we might do no matter we wished with whomever we wished at any time when we wished with no penalties. Instead, fatherlessness and sexually transmitted ailments, a few of them deadly, rose sharply. So did the psychological and emotional scars that develop within the wake of uncommitted sexual relationships. We now know for sure that unrestrained sexuality takes a toll on marriages and households and destabilizes total communities.

Within correct boundaries, intercourse is an exquisite expression of human intimacy that brings its individuals alive. Outside of these boundaries, nevertheless, it breeds heartache, discontent, and battle. Contrary to traditional knowledge, ethical boundaries don’t limit human sexuality, they permit it to flourish and thrive.

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