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Supreme Court Reaffirms Founder’s Commitment to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

Advocates of non secular freedom and conscience exhaled this week as a majority of justices affirmed the constitutional rights of each American to follow and protect their religion past the doorways of a standard church. 

Friday’s 6-3 determination in 303 Creative v. Elenis, authored by Justice Gorsuch, wasn’t simply a win for Lorie Smith, it was additionally a victory for anybody who helps free speech protected by the First Amendment.

On Thursday, a unanimous courtroom held that Gerald Groff, a former United States postal employee and an evangelical Christian, who had been advised he wanted to work on Sundays, was entitled to non secular lodging.

My pal Kelly Shackleford, president, CEO and Chief Counsel for First Liberty, and who represented Mr. Groff, mentioned the choice “restores religious freedom to every American in the workplace.”

The “restoration” of rights is a standard thread and theme woven all through each of these essential choices. The Supreme Court is neither granting nor inventing any new freedom – they’re merely acknowledging what the founding fathers established when the Constitution was written and ratified.

Try telling that to liberal activists and media shops like CNN, who’re suggesting one thing very totally different – and very fallacious.

“Conservatives are on a roll in their quest to remake America through the courts,” the community screamed in large daring print Friday morning. As typically is the case, the precise reverse is true. It’s radical activists who’re dedicated to remaking and redefining all of the long-established constitutional norms of society.

As social and non secular conservatives, it could be tempting to have fun these essential and important choices and assume the storm has handed. We may suppose we these two stable determination we’d take pleasure in clear crusing going ahead when it comes to non secular freedom. In actuality, the headwinds stay robust on this submit Christian America.

As a graphic artist, Ms. Smith made clear she is prepared to serve anybody and everybody however is unwilling to use her presents and abilities to assist causes and messages that contradict her deeply held non secular convictions. That place isn’t ok for antagonists who need to pressure their worldview. Never thoughts that coercive anti-speech legal guidelines are antithetical to non secular freedom and freedom of conscience.

In this pluralistic nation, it’s long gone time that bullies and activists again off Christians, and cease badgering, harassing, and forcing them to do what numerous different artists will fortunately do. I bear in mind my late pal, Dr. Tim Keller, speaking about how New York City’s melting pot, typically talking, peacefully co-exists by not intentionally harassing or attempting to pressure folks of different faiths to do what they knew they might not. 

Freedom of thought and conscience have gained the day, however you might be positive these choices won’t be the final phrase on this ongoing cultural revolution. It’s a step in the precise route, although, for all of us who champion freedom and oppose unconstitutional legal guidelines that strive and compel sure speech. As the High Court takes its depart for this time period, we can provide thanks for God’s grace and mercy for offering our nation with a Supreme Court majority that is still prepared to uphold the United States Constitution.  

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