Science Saturday: Pharmacists play key role in clinical research

When folks consider a pharmacist, they normally consider somebody meting out medicine. Pharmacists do fill prescriptions, however there’s one other sort of pharmacist who performs an important role in clinical research. The research pharmacist is expert in making the clinical trial a part of drug growth doable.

Indeed, research pharmacists are a part of multidisciplinary groups that examine new prescription drugs and medicines developed for affected person care.

There are two forms of research pharmacists at Mayo Clinic. One facilitates clinical trials involving medicines by means of protocol assessment and help of the medicine administration course of. The different designs and conducts research as a principal investigator, or research to handle different questions in the fields of pharmacy or medication.

“There is a lot of skill and training required to be able to correctly develop and prepare experimental therapeutics,” says Svetomir Markovic, M.D., Ph.D., an oncologist and principal investigator of the Melanoma Research Lab at Mayo Clinic. “These are medications that we administer to a patient in a vein or inject in a tumor or the brain. The research pharmacists make sure that the drugs are made correctly, that they go to the right person in the correct dosage.”

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