Mayo Clinic Minute: How much screen time is too much time for your kids?

How much screen time is too much for a baby? Is digital media affecting your kid’s health? The surgeon common has issued a new advisory, citing rising considerations in regards to the results of social media use on the psychological health of younger folks. 

Dr. Nusheen Ameenuddin is a Mayo Clinic pediatrician and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. While there are a lot of advantages to know-how, she says it can also have an effect on youngsters and youths in damaging methods, together with some behavioral adjustments.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

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Is your teen at all times texting? Or gaming? Or you simply do not know?

“We’ve always told parents to try to monitor their children’s online content, to try to limit it, to make sure that it’s not affecting their sleep or their schoolwork or their mood,” says Dr. Ameenuddin.

And she says that is an enormous job. Kids can get on-line, actually, from the palms of their palms.

“For parents, I would recommend that they check in with their kid and try to find out what kids are doing when they’re online,” she says. “Are they spending time playing games with friends? Or are they searching for things? Are they using it for schoolwork?”

Excessive use of social media may be associated to the way it impacts your youngster, she says.

“Anything that is affecting your child’s sleep, anything that’s affecting their mood, anything that is affecting their academic performance would be considered excessive use,” says Dr. Ameenuddin.

She says that folks and grownup caregivers know their youngsters finest and are possible in the perfect place to know what is or is not extreme. If you might be involved, she says speak with your kid’s pediatrician or health care staff for recommendation. 

Screen time tips

Screen time can consult with time spent on smartphones, tablets, TVs or gaming units. That might imply texting mates, watching movies or films, enjoying video games, doing homework, and looking the web. 

Here are some methods to assist set up healthy screen time habits.

  • Communicate: Talk overtly with your youngsters in regards to the video video games and content material they interact with on-line.
  • Set “no screen” occasions: Designate intervals with out screens, like mealtime and one hour earlier than mattress.
  • Bedroom charging: Encourage charging units exterior the bed room for higher sleep.
  • Lead by instance: Demonstrate healthy screen habits, similar to placing your cellphone on “do not disturb” throughout household time and through dinner. 

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