Food Groups for Kids | Learn about the five food groups and their benefits

Do you already know what the five food groups are? Do you already know which meals fall into every class? In Food Groups for Kids, you’ll study about the benefits that meals in every of those groups present your body and hold you healthy. You can even uncover what number of servings a day you must have of every one.

Fruits embody issues like apples, nectarines, and bananas. They present your body with a number of essential nutritional vitamins and vitamins. Vitamin C and potassium are two crucial nutritional vitamins and minerals that your body wants. Vegetables like carrots and spinach will not be as candy as fruits, however they’ve tons of nutritional vitamins and vitamins that you just want as nicely!

Grains in all probability makes you consider bread and cereal. This group additionally consists of pasta, tortillas, and popcorn! These meals additionally offer you fiber, which helps your body do quite a lot of good issues. Next are proteins, which embody meals like meat, fish, beans, and tofu. They can present your body with vitality and assist your bones and muscular tissues develop robust. Similarly, dairy merchandise also can strengthen your bones, and provide you with vitamin D to assist scale back your threat of illnesses.

Each group requires a special variety of servings every day. And these serving sizes differ as nicely. Fruits, for occasion, require 1 1/2 cups per serving whereas proteins require 5 ounces per serving. Some meals even comprise a number of food groups in a single place, like pizza, which might have grains from the bread and toppings from the different 4 groups.

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What you’ll study in Food Groups for Kids:
0:00 Introduction to the five food groups
1:06 Fruits and their benefits
1:46 Vegetables and their benefits
2:38 Grains and their benefits
3:29 Proteins and their benefits
4:08 Dairy merchandise and their benefits
4:44 Serving measurement for every food group
6:40 Review of the info

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