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My Latest Podcast: Arthur Brooks and 3 Ingredients of Happiness

For my latest podcast out this week, I sat down with bestselling writer and thought chief, Arthur Brooks. Arthur is president emeritus of the American Enterprise Institute.

For over an hour, we mentioned a range of subjects centered round a preferred subject of worldly dialog: 


When I feel of the subject material, I take into consideration an unforgettable journey I took to Jakarta, Indonesia, a few years in the past for a talking engagement. If you’ve by no means been there, it has some of the worst smog of any metropolis on the earth. My eyes burned, and respiration was troublesome after being there for under a short while. The site visitors is infamous. Imagine Los Angeles and New York mixed and multiply all of that by an element of 10. The dwelling circumstances in lots of areas are deplorable.

I used to be sitting within the again of a luxurious sedan that had been despatched for me. Part of the path to my resort went down a dust highway by means of a run-down part of Jakarta. Somewhere alongside that rutted, dusty path, the Lord spoke to my coronary heart. “Look out the window.”

I noticed about six boys in tattered garments enjoying with dented Coke cans in a black pool of water. “Those poor kids,” I believed.

Until I noticed the grins on their faces.

Despite their circumstances, they have been having a good time, floating their cans by means of the murky water.

As we rolled previous them, I heard the Lord say to my coronary heart, “I see their joy; what’s your problem?”

Arthur Brooks and I focus on what he calls the “macronutrients” of happiness – enjoyment, satisfaction, and objective.

He sets up the dialog with an enchanting and heartbreaking story about eavesdropping on an intimate dialog that he overheard on an airplane. 

Although he didn’t understand it on the time (the person was seated behind him), the gentleman was a hero of Brooks, an achieved particular person who the world sees in a lofty mild. But this man was confiding in his spouse that maybe the world can be higher off with out him. 

“I had a window onto his soul and I thought, okay, is he an outlier or is there some correlation behind the success addicted, super successful workaholic and the inability later in life to achieve happiness?” Brooks mirrored.

I hope you’ll “eavesdrop” on our dialog – I promise it can depart you extra inspired and impressed than Arthur’s airplane incident.

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