AMAZING HEALTH BARS in Scratch – Easy Scratch Tutorial

Learn find out how to create an simply reusable health bar sprite that may be dropped into nearly any scratch challenge with minimal coding. In only a second you may elevate the extent of your Scratch Games to the following stage!

These health bars work on single sprites, and clones, and solely require a single quick script to be dropped into every sprite requiring a bar. It’s so easy!

This Scratch Tutorial takes us by means of creating the Health Bar sprite, how to attract the costumes required, and find out how to add it to your video games.

My tutorials are for all budding recreation & software program builders utilizing Code Blocks. Scratch On guys!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
0:47 Sample Game Testbed
2:23 The Health Bar Sprite
4:10 Initial Coding
5:55 Using a listing to Pass Data to a Clone
9:41 Continual Repositioning of Health Bars
10:58 Short lived Clones
13:01 Health Level Costumes
14:49 Costume 0?
16:07 Setting the Health Costume
19:52 Sprite Health
21:12 Backpack the Health Bar Sprite
22:01 Making use of that is your personal video games (or Lemonoids)
26:11 Outro


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