Tim Kennedy Shares His Brutal Push-Pull Workout to Empty the Tank

Tim Kennedy has worn many hats. Among the most notable is the Green Beret—he’s an energetic responsibility Master Sergeant inside the U.S. Army Special Forces. He occurs to be a profitable MMA fighter, with a decades-long profession in the UFC, Strikeforce, and different promotions. And he’s starred in a number of TV reveals, together with Discovery’s Hard to Kill sequence.

What do all these jobs have in widespread? He has to be in nice form to do ’em. As a part of our Everyday Warrior sequence, we not too long ago caught up with Kennedy in the gymnasium to break down his “ABC Workout,” a full-body circuit that’s excellent for building muscle from head to toe.

This exercise will get its title from its three elements, labeled “A,” “B,” and “C” (plus a warmup). It’s designed to work the full body with actions that alternate in a push-pull vogue. Spoiler alert: It’s brutal. But would you anticipate something much less from a man who served as an energetic responsibility particular forces warrior and a professional MMA fighter at the similar time?


Kennedy walked us via the exercise whereas at the gymnasium. You’ll start off with an EMOM warmup—that’s quick for “every minute on the minute.” It’s modeled after a CrossFit Cindy exercise, however his model entails repeated sets of toes-to-bar, squats, and pushups achieved each minute for 10 minutes. Once you’ve received your blood pumping, it’s time to transfer onto the A piece of the exercise.

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The A piece consists of three elements: Hitting the SkiErg, adopted by pullups then handstand pushups (that’s proper, you’re going upside-down on this exercise). You’ll repeat all three segments a complete of 5 instances. Together they’ll work your legs, core, posterior chain, lats, rear delts, entrance delts, and your chest, too.

Tim Kennedy working out on an AssaultBike
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Then you’ll transfer on to the B part, and that is the place issues actually get fascinating.

“B is the devil,” Kennedy tells Men’s Journal.

This part entails driving an assault bike till you burn 10 energy, then deadlifting your body weight for 10 reps, adopted by a set of 10 burpees—and repeating the complete factor 5 instances.

“We kind of have a push-pull here,” says Kennedy. “Bike is full body. Deadlift is posterior chain and legs with a ton of core, and burpees are full body.”

Tim Kennedy working out on a rowing machine
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Finally, you’ll spherical issues out with the C portion of the exercise, the place you’ll burn 10 energy on a rowing machine, then seize a kettlebell to do 10 snatches adopted by 10 swings. Like the earlier two sections, you’ll repeat all three sets 5 instances. In the course of, you’ll work the posterior chain and quads.

Check out the full exercise breakdown, together with the gear you’ll want to do it, in the video above.

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