7 Crucial Questions For Curriculum Mapping And Training Design

This article is a part of a sequence targeted on the Seven Elements of Needs Analysis. The Elements are: Curriculum Mapping, Know/Do/Believe, Defining the Audience, Designing a Learning Brand, Defining the Return on Investment, Building the Team, and Scoping the Project.

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How To Change The Way You Approach Needs Analysis: A Story Around The 7 Essential Elements

How does the fictional firm AshCom adapt to vary and devise progressive L&D options? Discover the seven essential elements of profitable wants evaluation.

What you might be about to learn is a fable. The firm, AshCom, is fictional, however the studying challenges confronted by Kathryn, AshCom’s CLO, and her staff are actual and generally shared by studying groups in firms, non-profits, associations, and training.  It is our hope that it is possible for you to to attach with the characters, their challenges, and the options they uncover.  Building and following a Needs Analysis system is significant to the success of the educational alternatives we create.

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Curriculum Design: Seven Elements of Needs Analysis


Introducing AshCom…

AshCom was a small manufacturing firm. It stood within the shadows of a number of the world’s prime producers in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The logos of huge firms, like General Mills, 3M, Cargill, and Medtronic, stretched throughout towering buildings that lit the Twin Cities skyline. AshCom, underneath these vivid lights, had emerged as an essential a part of the manufacturing scene and equipped merchandise to a number of of their large neighbors.

AshCom’s progress came visiting a number of a long time, having started within the 1950s by the Ash household. Over time, they added totally different merchandise, processes, and individuals till they turned an organization with a various line of enterprise and nearly 4,500 employees throughout eight states.

As the corporate grew, so did AshCom’s dedication to the training and improvement of its staff members. The studying staff answerable for creating the information and abilities of the corporate grew organically too.

The Key Players In Curriculum Design

Maggie was the primary person solely devoted to studying. She graduated with a spotlight in human relations – longer in the past than she cared to confess – and later added a grasp’s in instructional design. She had been with AshCom for almost 20 years, rising into her position as Senior Instructional Designer.

Others had been added as the corporate expanded. Kathryn got here from the educational staff at 3M and turned the Chief Learning Officer of AshCom 4 years prior. She definitely understood studying science, however her major position was to direct and oversee. Kathryn was extra system targeted than anybody else on her staff.

Alishia was younger and a current graduate of an tutorial design program. What she lacked in expertise, she greater than made up for in enthusiasm. Fresh from the classroom, she was their go-to techie guru who saved them on prime of the newest developments and know-how developments in L&D.

Michael served extra as an advisor to Kathryn. A former school professor with expertise in larger ed administration, Michael was useful in building technique. He was a wealth of information.
Amy was not technically an worker of AshCom, however she was a trusted member of the staff. Kathryn introduced her on as an ongoing eLearning guide. Kathryn knew that Amy labored with many different shoppers, however she noticed this as a strength as a result of Amy may immediately benchmark what different corporations—producers and non-manufacturers—had been doing of their L&D groups.

Team Dynamics

Kathryn’s staff functioned nicely. They had been within the third 12 months of a five-year plan that was clear and had a price range concisely carved out to perform its goals. The most important aim every year was to replace 10% of their studying property and make them obtainable in a digital format.

Alishia and Michael pushed for a blended learning approach to training, the place studying may very well be delivered face-to-face, on-line, or utilizing a mixture of the 2. It took a bit convincing at first with the CFO, who thought it would double the value. But the educational staff offered a proof of idea that confirmed tremendously elevated flexibility with minimal price range affect. Their level was made, and the plan was authorised. Things had been regular and predictable.

The Globex Acquisition

All that modified in a short time with the primary acquisition within the historical past of AshCom. Globex Inc, regardless of its spectacular identify, was smaller than AshCom with 2,500 staff members in three places. The mixed firm would whole greater than 6,000 individuals working in 11 crops throughout 9 states. The studying staff heard the rumors months in the past of a attainable acquisition, however their minds had been on different issues till an early morning announcement was made one Tuesday in September.

Kathryn left the C-Suite assembly together with her head spinning. The acquisition was full. More individuals. More places. Now 4,500 individuals must be taught to work with 2,500 new individuals. And 2,500 individuals would wish to learn to do issues the AshCom manner. Both cultures had methods and training platforms. Globex was additional down the street of their transition to digital studying—about 50% of their choices—however their methods and a few of their customary working procedures had been fairly totally different from these of AshCom.

Back in her workplace, Kathryn sat in silence. She liked problem, however she felt like somebody had simply stacked a pile of books from two totally different libraries in her workplace and then asked her to arrange the chaos, retaining the treasures and disposing of redundancies or outdated materials. She took a number of deep breaths, placed on her recreation face, and Slacked her staff telling them to drop what they had been doing and meet her in 15 minutes.

News Travels Fast

By the time her staff arrived within the convention room, the information had already unfold. Maggie, Alishia, Michael and Amy joined Kathryn. Alishia smiled. Maggie appeared involved. Amy had an expression that mentioned she was targeted, and Michael appeared unaffected (a talent he developed over years of educational conferences).

Kathryn spoke first. “Looks like you’ve all heard the news but let me make it official. We have acquired Globex, and we are to start bringing together our teams as quickly as possible. Leadership was direct in tasking L&D to be out front in the initiative and a key part of making this work. I haven’t been given a budget yet, but I was told we would have what we need, within reason. We need to integrate two training systems, and we need to make a complete transition to digital learning. And we need to do it as quickly as possible.”

Everyone within the room realized instantly that their present five-year plan was lifeless. Maggie, who had been at AshCom the longest, hung her head however simply barely. After a second of silence, Alishia spoke first. “So, now what?”

Amy Speaks Up

Normally, Amy was intentional about talking final or in no way. Her position as a guide was usually to hear fastidiously and summarize what she heard again to her shoppers. This time, she spoke with extra power than the others had been used to listening to from her. “We must do a needs analysis. What we’d like first is a curriculum map.”

At this, Michael sat up straight. “Yes!” he mentioned. “That’s right. Amy, have you done curriculum mapping with other clients?”

Amy responded that she had and that her expertise was that when issues had been advanced and even complicated, the curriculum map was step one.

This was all Michael wanted to listen to. His typical authoritative tone was changed with an unrestrained enthusiasm. He actually wished to share what he knew. “The word ‘curriculum’ is Latin, and it means something like a course, a path, or a road. Curriculum mapping has been done in schools at all levels for decades, but it applies well to our company.”

Alishia jumped in, persevering with his ideas. “I remember one of my professors walking us through it. She said the goal was to make something visible. Seeing the way forward is the key. It is all about visibility in large systems so that we know which way to go.”

The Curriculum Design Solution

Kathryn’s venture administration abilities kicked in. “If the goal is to make things visible, then let’s make curriculum mapping visible so we are all on the same page.” She grabbed a number of stacks of sticky notes from the counter and handed a stack to every person within the room. “Please write a word or two describing what you think are the key attributes of curriculum mapping and put them on the white board.”

The exercise didn’t take lengthy. The phrases listed had been principally totally different expressions of comparable ideas.

Amy wrote “visual, alignment, connected, and complexity.”

Michael contributed “long-range, whole picture, integration, and alignment.”

Maggie wrote “order, structure, and relationships.”

Alishia wrote “learner experience, objectives, goals, and groupings.”

Kathryn smiled. Her staff gave the impression to be on the identical web page.

Outlining The Pitfalls

She then did one thing typical for her and anticipated by the others. She reversed the query and asked them to say out loud what pitfalls they had been making an attempt to keep away from by curriculum mapping. Taking turns, every person referred to as out one attainable peril:

  • Gaps
  • Redundancies
  • Misalignment
  • Wrong Priorities

Kathryn thought for a second and mentioned, “This looks like something I went through a few years ago when we built our house. We had a bunch of ideas and even some rough sketches, but Bill and I didn’t really have a solid plan. We met with an architect who spent quite a bit of time asking us questions and giving feedback. At the end of the process, we could see what we were going to build. I mean, actually see it! We took a virtual tour of our house design with his software. That helped us to organize and clarified our goals for our family. It was not yet a detailed blueprint, but it gave us a good place to begin.”

Michael agreed. “Sometimes the information is put into a table or a spreadsheet. If we can get a little more creative, we might be able to make it even more visible. But you are right. This is where we need to begin.”

Curriculum Design: Questions To Ask

Kathryn knew that they’d different conferences on their schedules, so she asked the educational staff to clear their calendars for Friday morning. Her task was easy. Instead of coming again with their very own model of a curriculum map, she asked them to return again with an inventory of questions that needed to be answered by the curriculum mapping process they had been about to start.

Friday’s assembly was productive and took much less time than anticipated. Everyone contributed and a number of individuals posed related questions. Once on the whiteboard, they grouped their questions and got here to settlement on frequent language for every query.

  1. What are AshCom’s general firm targets, and how will our studying targets align?
  2. What would be the precedence of creating our studying modules?
  3. How will we benchmark different corporations’ studying packages?
  4. What might be our grouping construction for our present and future programs?
  5. What are our personal inner program targets?
  6. Who will assessment our present choices and these of Globex?
  7. What would possibly a “win” seem like for our L&D staff within the face of this problem?

A Fact-Finding Mission

After a bit dialogue, they determined to enter the questions and their eventual solutions right into a shared spreadsheet. Once that was full, they might think about extra visible representations of their plan. Each person was assigned to a staff, relying on their experience, and tasked with answering a particular set of questions.

They would report again their findings two weeks later. They all knew that the ultimate solutions would take a bit longer and some extra clarifying questions is perhaps added, however when the curriculum mapping course of was full, they might have a plan, alignment, and they might be capable to clearly see what they wanted to do subsequent.

Looking For More Curriculum Design Insights?

To learn the remainder of the chapters on this sequence on Needs Analysis and to see Kathryn and her staff tackle the opposite Essentials, please obtain the eBook How To Change The Way You Approach Needs Analysis: A Story Around The 7 Essential Elements.

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