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Class: seventh
Subject: Geography
Chapter: Human Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication
Topic Name: Settlement (7.2)

Points coated on this video:-

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Settlements are locations the place folks construct their properties. Early human beings lived on bushes and in caves. When they started to develop crops it turned essential to have a everlasting house. The settlements grew close to the river valleys as water was obtainable and land was fertile. With the event of commerce, commerce and manufacturing, human settlements turned bigger. Settlement flourished and civilizations developed close to river valleys.

Settlements might be everlasting or momentary. Settlements that are occupied for a short while are referred to as momentary settlements. The folks dwelling in deep forests, sizzling and chilly deserts and mountains typically dwell in such momentary settlements. They apply searching, gathering, shifting cultivation and transhumance. However extra and extra settlements right now are everlasting settlements. In these settlements, folks construct properties to dwell in.



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