Covering 26.2 miles is spectacular irrespective of how briskly you run, however those that excel have a secret weapon: the power to burn fats for gas. Scientists at Shanghai University of Sport adopted elite male runners of their 20s and 30s earlier than and after running a sub-three-hour marathon. Their metabolism of carbs and fat elevated post-race, exhibiting their our bodies can swap from utilizing readily accessible carbs to harder-to-tap lipids for power. That issues as a result of your body can solely retailer so many carbs, which is why many runners “bonk” round Mile 20. To make the swap, under-fuel your self with carbs on lengthy training runs, forcing your body to faucet into fats reserves for power, and think about a high-fat weight loss program.

In a separate examine, eating a high-fat weight loss program of 71 p.c fats (just like the keto weight loss program) for six months led to a 50 p.c improve in elite runners’ skill to metabolize fats.

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